How Does It Work?

Through partnerships with local Internet service providers and device providers, ConnectHome Denver offers:

An at-home Internet connection through local internet service providers for as low as $10 per month

  • Connection speeds ranging from 10 to 48 Mbps

Access to affordable computers and devices

  • New or refurbished computers and laptops ranging from $0 to -$300

Free digital literacy training

  • Weekly classes offered through DHA’s six Technology Hubs and branches of the Denver Public Library.

Training for Children

  • Free training in website development, coding, robotics and STEM.

Core Partners

Led by the Denver Housing Authority, the alliance of Core Partners includes:

  • Denver Office of Children’s Affairs
  • Denver Public Schools
  • Denver Public Library
  • Denver Office of Economic Development
  • PCs for People
  • Centura HealthSet

Broadband Providers

  • Comcast
  • Mobile Beacon (Internet on Sprint’s LTE Network)
  • Verizon
  • Live Wire Net